Waterlogic WL7 Firewall Water Dispenser

Waterlogic WL7 Water Dispenser | Top Vending


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This point-of-use water dispenser produces cold, ambient, hot and extra hot water on-tap and is available in freestanding or tabletop. The UVC Firewall® purification technology guarantees up to 99.9999% bacteria free water. The high-performance filtration adheres to the Water Quality Associations (WQA) stringent standards meaning that it offers the best water filtration. The user interface has a five-inch full colour LED display and has a back-lit water fill indicator.

Product Details

General Features

Back-lit waterfall indicator allows precise dispensing
Variable water temperature settings 5 - 7°C
Filter and UV fault indicators for easier servicing
High performance filtration
Ice Bath cooling technology
Dispensing area accommodates sports bottles
User interface with 5" full colour LED display
Mains fed - easy connection to existing mains water supply

Firewall Technology

Waterlogic’s patented and exclusive Firewall technology utilises a highly effective UVC purification system that acts at the point of dispense.
Firewall guarantees up to 99.9999% bacteria free

High Performance Filtration

Waterlogic’s carbon filters are certified to stringent standards, carrying the Water Quality Association’s (WQA) Gold Seal of approval, meaning they offer the best possible filtration.