VPos Touch Bank Card Device



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This all-in-one solution was designed for cashless bank payments. This cashless payment card reader is suitable for multiple applications and markets. All sorts of businesses with unattended automatic machines can benefit from installing a VPos Touch.

Product Details

General Features

Complete management suite
Contactless tap-and-go bank payments (mag strip and chip)
Durable and highly secured to prevent vandalism
Audio consumer interaction
Local software support
Real-time transactions

Benefits of Nayax Vend

Machine and transaction monitoring in real-time
Receive customised alerts by e-mail or SMS
Build personalised reports
Unique BI system
Cash accountability (machine dependent)

Payment methods

Contact card: EMV level 1 + level 2 - Certified
Contactless: EMV level 1 - Certified
Contactless: EMV level 2:
Visa PayWave MSD + qVSDC
Mastercard and Visa
Magnetic stripe card - ISO7811 and JIS I Tracks 1,2,3 JIS I
Other cards supported: NFC, MIFARE, ISO 14443 Type A,B, ISO 15693
Support of payment applications - Global and local environment