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VISION Gourmet Vending Machine With Microwave

Bluetec Vision Gourmet With Microwave | Top Vending


This new-to-market gourmet vending machine is exclusive to Top Vending and offers a conveyer belt system which gently dispenses the meal of your choice. It then automatically sets the microwave to the required temperature and timing.

Product Details

General Features

Drop sensor in the delivery box guarantees product delivery
Backlit stainless steel keypad
Stainless coin insert slot (durable)
Soft drop
Health timer: Expiration programming FIFO (First In First Out)

Energy Efficiency

Fully foam insulated cabinet.
Double glazed viewing window.
LED lighting to enhance product presentation & reduce energy costs.

Cooling System

Refrigerator with R-134a

Shelving System

8 trays up to 7 channels, 56 lines configured
Top shelves tilt down 25° for easy loading
Conveyer belt system for different sized products
Belt system fully adjustable, provides flexibility to vend bespoke items

Payment Systems

MDB protocol support for all industry standard devices including bill reader, coin mechanism and cashless

Additional Options

Optional slave units (extended offerings vending machine with elevator, microwave module cabinet, etc)
Telemetry, card facility (credit card / debit card)