Saeco Aulika Evo Top

Saeco Aulika Evo Top

Aulika Evo Top - Top RI (3)


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Ideal for large offices with high coffee consumption, this coffee machine features 8 buttons offering a choice of 5 drinks and can handle up to 120 cups daily. The lockable 1 kg coffee container, stainless steel control panel, and one-touch function for milk specialties ensure durability and convenience. Backlit buttons are useful in low light, and a coin dispenser can be connected for easy payment. Combat hard water with an optional water filter, and enjoy hot water for tea with this versatile coffee maker.

Product Details

General Features

Touch screen features
Two cups at a time
5 coffee drink options
Automatic shutdown
Water quantity setting
Daily capacity: 120 cups

Additional Options

Dimensions (w x h x d) 334 x 574 x 452 mm
Weight 23 kg
Voltage 230 v
Maximum power 1400 W