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PALMA PPE Vending Machine

Palma PPE Hz87 Vending Machine


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This bespoke dispensing solution is ideal for factories, mining and construction sites where personal protective equipment is required, helping to regulate stock control. It has wider spirals to accommodate larger items.

Product Details

General Features

Secure door with wraparound anti-vandal enclosure
Shatterproof glass door
Anti-theft device installed in the delivery box

Energy Efficiency

Fully foam insulated cabinet.
Double glazed viewing window.
LED lighting to enhance product presentation & reduce energy costs.

Shelving System

Snack shelves tilt down 25° for easy loading

Payment Systems

MDB protocol support for all industry standard devices including bill reader, coin mechanism and cashless

Additional Options

Telemetry, card facility (credit card / debit card)
Belt tray - facilitates product variety (sandwich / wraps)