Onyx Contactless Bank Card Device

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Onyx, the sleek, tap-and-go contactless card reader can fit on any vending machine and gives your consumer a convenient cashless payment experience. While consumers complete transactions quickly, operators access a world of operational benefits and insights. The Onyx is more than a card reader: it’s a device packed with powerful capabilities including contactless, NFC, marketing tools and remote machine management.

Product Details

General Features

Complete management suite
Contactless (tap-and-go)
Durable and highly secured to prevent vandalism
Audio consumer interaction
Local software support
Real-time data transactions

Benefits of Nayax Vend

Machine and transaction monitoring in real-time
Receive customised alerts by e-mail or SMS
Build personalised reports
Unique BI system
Cash accountability

Payment Methods

Contactless: EMV level 1 - Certified
CFameontactless: EMV level 2: Visa PayWave MSD + qVSDC
Mastercard and Visa
Other cards supported: NFC, MIFARE, ISO 14443 Type A,B
Support of payment applications - Global and local environment