Jofemar JF8 Coin Changer

Jofemar JF8 Vending Coin Changer  | Top Vending


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The coin changer JF8 by Jofemar is the first and only one in the market to include 8-coin tubes, with all features a vending operator may need to better manage the cash systems of their machines. This includes maximums and minimums programming, inhibition or enabling of coins, and every possibility to adapt the coins change capacity of any sales point. It accepts all South African old and new coin sets, and the tubes can be configured accordingly for more than R1000 capacity. The change giver accepts anything from R0,50c to R 5,00. The unit is secure and can only be accessed via a pin code.

Product Details

General Features

Eight self-charging return tubes. Up to eight different coin values
Maximum storage in tubes and minimum when discharging programmable
Coins monitoring up to its destination tube or refund
MDB protocol
Self-replenishing float
Machine audit memory


Easy access and cleaning of the full coins passthrough path
Easy Extractable Tubes cassette, free or under security code
Internal led light in the tubes cassette for fast review of its status even in the machine interior


Built-in programming system, graphic display and arrows to select options and edit values
Optional security codes to access each programming option
Updates and data extraction by USB port
Log book