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Vending Machines Increases Productivity

From the time we wake up during the working week, our focus is on preparing for, getting to, and working from the office. It’s little wonder that the morale of staff is largely dependent on the way they feel about their office environment and the conveniences afforded to them to make the workday more bearable and enjoyable.

The vending machine has been around for a long time and has become more and more of a regular fixture in many public spaces. The office has benefitted from the presence of vending machines as it has changed the behaviour and time management of people within the workplace. We realise how convenient a vending machine is and it would be hard to find anyone who would dispute its advantages. Let’s consider for a moment the real benefits that the workplace can gain from having a vending machine. More specifically, let’s consider the increase in productivity because of having a vending machine in the office.


Every day, the employees take several minutes to prepare a beverage. This time can be cut down significantly with the use of vending machine solutions as they usually take around 20 seconds to dispense a drink. Employees will be back at their desks in no time, happily continuing their work, with a beverage in hand.


One of the most obvious and appreciated benefits of having a vending machine rental in the office is that refreshments are easily accessible. By having access to refreshments a few steps away from the workstation, employees have no need to travel elsewhere and lose out on valuable working time. When the pressure is on and deadlines are fast approaching, quick and easy access to refreshments means staff can work through lunch times to keep the momentum going. Employees would naturally find it easier to remain onsite.

Employee Satisfaction

The selection of beverages and snacks on offer cater to the needs of a wide range of people. We understand that our work environment is filled with people of different backgrounds, ages, and preferences. The easily accessible, wide selection of items on offer from a vending machine is bound to appeal to just about everyone in one way or another. The mere presence of the vending machine tells employees that their convenience is considered and the time it saves them is appreciated.

Low Maintenance / No Overhead Costs

Vending machines require no extra effort on the part of employees as nobody must be physically present to provide a service. Once the machine is installed, the responsibility rests with the vending solution provider to ensure that machines are maintained and stocked for the benefit of employees. There are no additional people required to make hot beverages and wash up afterwards. All of this leads to money saved and increased productivity.

Top Vending provides coffee vending solutions to cater to the needs of businesses small and large. It also provides flexibility to businesses in need of quality vending solutions through rental or sales options. It has a large national footprint, with branches in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban, and selected service partners in secondary cities. For further detail and guidance on coffee vending machine solutions, turn to the trusted, industry-leading coffee vending machines of Top Vending.

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