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Vending Machine Trends 2023

Interested in what vending machine technology advancements to expect in 2023? Check out this guide on what’s hot right now in the vending machine game!


In the past, vending machines only allowed you to select one product at a time. Thanks to the latest innovations in vending solutions, users can now use a touch screen to select up to four products in their cart. This technology also allows users to make a single payment when purchasing from a vending machine. Top Vending offers the CV 4000 Combination vending machine for rental or outright purchase.

Locker technology

The latest trend is the introduction of vending machine lockers which allow businesses to vend oversized, combination, or fragile items. The display window with LED lighting enhances the appearance of the product enticing customers to select the product.

Microwave module

An exciting development in the vending machine space is microwave modules which allow users to select frozen or pre-prepared meals. The vending machine is equipped with the latest technology to communicate with the microwave module the recommended cooking time of the meal that has been selected from the vending machine. Top Vending offers the Vision Gourmet vending machine for hire or purchase.

Versatile vending solutions

Vending machine options have become increasingly vast over the past couple of years. In 2022, Top Vending saw an increase in versatile products offered in vending machines. Such as feminine hygiene products in vending machines for women at mining and construction sites. Top Vending foresees the versatility of vending solutions continuing into 2023 and we are excited to see what these include.

From the vending machine trends highlighted above, it’s clear to see that innovation will take the industry to greater heights in the immediate and foreseeable future.  Convenience through innovation is being pushed to new levels as the focus is no longer just on the easy access purchase, but on the positive impact, it makes through the experience of the consumer.

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