Renting vs. Buying

In today’s economic climate coupled with the negative impact that COVID and load shedding has had on companies in the past two and a half years, business owners and procurement managers are finding themselves in situations where cost saving has become more important than ever.

As vending machines have gained popularity in the workspace, more and more offices are looking to introduce convenient ways for staff to stay alert and refreshed. When buying a vending machine, you are generally looking at costs starting at around R 87 000,00   Higher end vending machine models can cost as much as R 143 750,00 which makes them a sizeable investment for businesses and some companies just don’t have this kind of capital readily available.

With this in mind, Top Vending, South Africa’s leading supplier of vending machines and related vending solution products understands the importance of providing their customers with both the rental and purchasing option. Shane Terblanche, Technical Production and Operations Manager for Top Vending talks about the differences between renting and purchasing.


Maintenance and servicing

One of the biggest advantages of renting a vending machine is that the maintenance and servicing is taken care of by the vending solutions supplier. Most vending companies have a technical service team available which they will dispatch should the customer run into any problems. At Top Vending, we understand the importance of minimising downtime and so we are dedicated to providing a 24-48 hour turnaround time. Top Vending’s in-house rentals covers all travel, labour, and spare parts.

Low investment

An obvious benefit of renting is the low investment required. This in turn means that the customer can make a higher return on the product sold. Our model at Top Vending is different from other vending companies in South Africa in that we are product independent. So even if a customer is renting a vending machine from us, there is no requirement for them to use a specific brand. This goes for all our units from snack vending machine to hot beverage solutions. This allows them to choose the products that will enable them to earn the most margin.


No contract

When buying a vending machine, you have complete ownership. You are not tied down to a monthly contract nor are you paying interest charges. However, one needs to consider the cost of servicing and maintaining the vending machine. In this case, it would be a good idea for the business to take out a maintenance contract.

Complete control

Although Top Vending promotes a product independence model, other vending companies might not, and this makes purchasing a vending machine a more attractive option. It allows the owner to control the products and merchandise that they place in the vending machine as well as the cost that they would like to sell them at.

At Top Vending, we offer numerous leasing and purchasing options with the view of customising a solution to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Having been in the vending machine industry for over 25 years, we can help you make the best decision for your organisation. In addition to new vending units, Top Vending also supplies refurbished vending machines for businesses who are looking to reduce their capital outlay.

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