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For many of us, the thought of going through a day without a cup of coffee is unthinkable. For some, it is virtually impossible to get their workday started without a cup. Easy access to a variety of coffee options throughout the day makes a demanding business day more bearable. This kind of convenience and variety is made possible through trusted, industry-leading coffee vending machine rentals and purchase experts at Top Vending.

Top Vending provides coffee vending solutions and hot beverage vending machine solutions to cater to the needs of businesses small and large. We also provide flexibility to businesses in need of quality vending solutions through rental or sales options. Coffee vending machine Rental and sales options include maintenance, competitive pricing and guaranteed professional service.

A range of coffee vending machines are on offer to meet the requirements of a variety of business staff compliments:

Zen Hot Beverage Range

The Zen is suitable for a staff complement of up to 80 and is available in two models – Bean-to-cup and Instant. The Zen has a selection of 10 different drink options and 4 pre-selections. These units are available in table-top and freestanding options.

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Zensia Hot Beverage Machine

The larger Zensia machine is suitable for a staff complement of up to 200 and offers a complete range of hot beverages including fresh brew tea, instant coffee, and hot chocolate. With a selection of 10 different drink options and 4 pre-selections, the Zensia caters to a larger staff complement with a greater selection to suit varying preferences.

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