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Zensia Hot Beverage Range

Zensia Hot Beverage Range

This recently launched model has significant advances in terms of contemporary design and technology.

The Zensia machine is suitable for a staff compliment of up to 250 and offer a complete range of hot beverages including fresh brew tea, Instant Coffee and hot chocolate.

State of the art “In-Touch User interface” provides a simple icon touch screen in order for you to create personalised hot beverage selection.

Product Specifications

Model Stand Alone
Height 1830MM
Width 600MM
Depth 625MM
Weight 135-141KG
Drinks per fill 700
Drink selections Black tea (Fresh brew leaf to cup) / White tea (Fresh brew leaf to cup / Strong black tea (Fresh brew leaf to cup) / Strong white tea (Fresh brew leaf to cup) / Black coffee (Instant) / White coffee (Instant) / Hot chocolate / Cappuccino (Instant) / Chochaccino (Instant) / Mochaccino (Instant) / Latte (Instant) / Creamychoc (Instant) / Hot water


Touch Pad


Strong / Extra Creamer / + Sugar / - Sugar


Coffee App (Button Barista)
Payment systems Cashless Systems (Key)