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The Weirdest Vending Machines in The World

Whether you’ve seen one or not, there are so many really weird vending machines out there. While South Africa seems to be lagging in the weirdest vending machine department (maybe our needs are just more practical), countries like Japan and the Netherlands are making up for us. The low running costs coupled with the 24/7 running time have turned vending machines into the modern equivalent of fruit trees with low hanging fruit… albeit very strange low hanging fruit.

5. Food So Fresh It’s Still Growing

When you’re looking for fresh food at 11pm, surprisingly there are options! Eggs? Yup, there’s an egg vending machine. Fresh veggies? Yup there’s a vending machine stocked with vegetables. Lettuce? One of the weirdest vending machines is stocked with lettuce which is so fresh it’s literally still growing! That’s a pretty good alternative to junk food… although how does one even begin to say no to crisps at 11pm?

4. Rent-a-bike

Being the bicycle friendly country it is, the Netherlands is home to millions of bicycles as well as bicycle riders. The love of cycling as a mode of transport began with increased traffic, but turned into a health and eco conscious way of life. On that note, the renowned for weird Netherlanders, in fact vending machines which dispense bikes to sell as well as rent them out. It’s not only among the weirdest vending machines, it’s also really helpful for tourists!

3. Its Aliiiiiive!

This one is admittedly pretty cruel, but appears common place regardless. Moving on from fresh lettuce is live crabs and even live lobsters! It idea is that they are fresh on your plate and fresher tastes better, but this may well be a step too far. While the lobsters at least have the advantage of living their last moments out submerged in water, in a large fish tank come vending machine… the crabs. Well. They are packaged in a small plastic pouch constricting their pincers and legs, and this vending machine looks exactly like any other vending machine. Poor little crabbies!

2. Hot, hot, hot

Hot food definitely wins hands down, maybe not for being weird, but it wins simply on the basis of utter awesomeness! The first vending machine serving pizza arrived in Europe in about 2012, it boasts a 3 minute preparation time and a hygienic human free process. Changing the vending game forever, the pizza vending machine provided the catalyst for all manner of hot food to be served up by our robotic buddies. Noodles, hot burgers, tacos, hot chips and mash even are all now accepted fruits of the vending community.

1. Gold

Yes, you read right; actual gold. Of course we can all relate to needing food on the go, but gold? Really? Yup, some people just need gold available 24/7 and surprisingly those people are generally smart-with-their money investors. With gold set to be a safe bet when it comes to investing, this vending machine has been pretty successful so far. It updates its prices every ten minutes according to global rates and even comes secure with reinforced beams and an alarm system. I doubt you would see one of those in down town Jo’burg, but they are gaining popularity around the world in the wealthier districts.

Forget the weirdest vending machines, when it comes to the more practical types of vending machines, Top Vending is a leader in the field. Snack and can vending machines, hot beverage dispensers and water coolers are our focus. If you would like to find out more about getting your own vending machine or even renting one, feel free to contact us for more information!