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Novara Double Fresh Brew

Novara Double Fresh Brew

This recently launched model has significant advances in terms of contemporary design and technology.

The Novara machine is suitable for a staff compliment of up to 250 and offer a complete range of hot beverages including fresh brew tea, Bean-to-cup coffee , hot chocolate and a double brew option.

State of the art “In-Touch User interface” provides a simple icon touch screen in order for you to create personalised hot beverage selection.

Product Specifications

Model Stand Alone
Height 1830MM
Width 600MM
Depth 650MM
Weight 180KG
Drinks per fill 700
Drink selections Strong black tea (Fresh brew leaf to cup) / Strong white tea (Fresh brew leaf to cup) / Black tea (Fresh brew leaf to cup) / White tea (Fresh brew leaf to cup / Strong black coffee (Bean to cup) / Strong white coffee (Bean to cup) / Black coffee (Bean to cup) / White coffee (Bean to cup) / Hot chocolate / Cappuccino (Bean to cup) / Mochaccino (Bean to cup) / Espresso (Bean to cup) / Latte (Bean to cup) / Creamychoc (Instant) / Hot water
Selections Touch Pad
Pre-selections Strong / Extra Creamer / + Sugar / - Sugar
Extra's Coffee App (Button Barista)
Display Display (Picture frame) / Interactive newsletter Display
Payment System Cashless System (Key)