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The Demand for Healthy Vending Machines is Growing

Vending machines just keep getting better and better. This is evident when you look at how far the vending machine business has come since the days of inserting wrinkly notes or dirty coins into a dodgy slot and then waiting with baited breathe  until you saw your selection drop into the dispenser tray.

But just look how much things have changed! Now you even get machines that accept credit and debit cards.  The choice of what they offer to customers is continually growing and improving. And, the food and beverage choices consumers have to choose from have been upgraded too. Vending machines have become a lot smarter. They’ve recognized the need to provide food and drink choices based on new emerging trends in the market.

An interesting movement we’ve seen is a growing demand for healthier options. People are expecting to see fresh and nutritious snacks available in vending machines, in addition to the traditional snacks.

Far from the usual offerings of sugary, salty, carb-loaded, and carbonated options, vending machines are catering for food and beverage preferences like paleo, gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free options too.

With the rise of obesity, cancer and other serious illnesses, consumers are far more aware of what food they’re consuming. While the demand for the convenience of vending machines and their traditional snacks still remains high, consumers are expecting to find healthy options in the machines too, alongside the crisps and chocolates.

This includes still water and non-flavoured sparkling water (in addition to sugary cokes and fruit juices), and unsalted nuts and dried fruit (as a substitute to crisps).

There’s also a big rage at the moment when it comes to ‘Banting’ (High Fat, Low Carb diets) and many consumers hope to find items like protein bars and protein shakes in vending machines. A perfect place to have this is at Gym where you have a captured audience.

Consumers head to vending machines for a variety of reasons. Most machines exist to satisfy hunger or cravings for snacks and beverages. This normally occurs when customers are working long hours, or they work in an area where they don’t have access to many shops, or in a hospital where they can’t leave the premises for long, to name a few examples.  Vending machines offer consumers a quick convenient fix for hunger pangs or sluggish activity by offering energy-boosting refreshments. The scope of the use and demand for vending machines is widening as advancements in machine technology improves.

Vending operations offer an extremely viable business opportunity, and if they are stocked with the right items, in the right locations, you can’t really go wrong.