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The Brands That Top Vending Trusts

Top Vending relies heavily on its supplier brands in order to give clients the best products, service and vending experiences possible. For Top Vending quality is non-negotiable; if clients are unhappy, we are unhappy! In order to maintain healthy relationships with clients, Top Vending carefully vets their supplier’s products, services and credentials.

On Top Vending’s preferred supplier list are Azkoyan, Jofemar and Waterlogic. They are all superb examples of what Top Vending looks for in suppliers.


Azkoyan is a company which has been honoured by the British vending industry three years in a row. In addition, they won the most innovative concept prize for Button Gourmet – the automated 24 hour restaurant.

Azkoyen offers a range of hot beverage vending machines, cold drink and snack vending machines, professional coffee machines and tobacco or cigarette machines.

Always on the look out to innovate, design beautiful machines and pursue higher levels of customer satisfaction, Azkoyan is the perfect partner to grow Top Vending’s clientele and ensure the best vending experiences.


Jofemar has over 40 years of experience in the vending machine industry with strong ties to both Europe and America. They have designed their vending machines to offer complete solutions to the needs of every operator. Their vending solutions are innovative and offer quality technology with exceptional technical support.

Jofemars range of vending machines cover cold drink and food vending machines with extra capacity, hot drinks, ice cream and snack payment systems, automatic retail cigarette inventory control and high quality automated kiosks.

Having become a leader in efficient and advanced payment systems Jofemar provides everything that the modern vending industry needs. Every step of the process, from analysis and development, through to production, Jofemar implements strict controls and standards to ensure that customers enjoy the highest quality controls.


Water is without doubt amongst the most in demand products Top Vending supplies. Clean and beautiful tasting water doesn’t only bring peace of mind, but it is also the most important part of a healthy diet. Purified water is free of contaminants, chlorine and bacteria, along with a balance of all the right minerals.

POU water dispensers from Waterlogic produce the purest water thanks to extensive research, design and UV technology. With various water dispensing solutions for workplaces and for home, you can choose between chilled, sparkling hot and extra hot water.

What’s more; Waterlogic water dispensers save money and do their bit to help save the planet.

Now that you know who Top Vending’s trusted suppliers are, you know you are in good hands and so are your end-users. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or to get your very own top vending machine!